Welcome to our NJASCD presentation wiki!

We hope you'll find today's presentations useful as you consider the ramifications of incorporating wikis into your curriculum. This site will remain up for your reference; please access it from work or home and visit the sites to which we've linked.

While our presentation will focus mainly on wikis hosted at Wikispaces, there are several wiki service providers (or "farms") out there; two of the more popular options for education (besides Wikispaces) are PBWiki and WetPaint, both of which provide special incentives for K-12 educators. To compare over 100 different wiki farms, check out WikiMatrix.org.

Wikispaces is committed to providing 100,000 advertisement-free, feature-rich wikis to K-12 educators around the world at no cost to teachers, administrators, or institutions. Click here to sign up for a Wikispaces account and start your own K-12 educational wiki!

Use the menu sidebar on the left to navigate this wiki. If you have further questions about wikis and their utilization in the classroom, please feel free to email your presenters Derek Khoudja and Damian Bariexca.